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Testimonial – Direct Solutions Formerly Nu-Gro Corporation, we at Direct Solutions have had the pleasure of doing business with Liftway for over a decade. Direct Solutions continues to do so because of your timely service response, quality parts and competitive pricing. Your mechanics

Testimonial – Searle Manufacturing We have worked with Liftway for over 8 years. When we first started in business we needed some racking. Liftway help us determine the best choice for the space we had.  Liftway continued to work with us as we

Testimonial – Mississauga Metals Mississauga Metals has been in partnership with Liftway for over 5 years. Just last year we purchased a Forklift  from Liftway.  Our operators are very satisfied with the excellence performance of this Forklift.  It has a strong sideshift, superior reach and

Testimonial – PAN GLO Canada Pan Coatings Inc. PAN GLO is really pleased to be dealing with Liftway. The tech from Liftway has given us top notch service and really understands the mechanics of Forklifts. Our Forklift had issues with the wheels jittering. I

Testimonial – Norlok Technology Inc “For over 15 years, we have used Liftway for our material handling needs. We purchased our forklift back in 2007 and it has been inspected every year by Liftway. We rely on them to keep our forklift

Testimonial – Cubex Limited We would like to thank Liftway for providing our company with their expertise forklift training for all of our service personnel. The training was very decisive and informative. They even came to our location to make it as

Testimonial – Aggressive Iron My experience with Liftway was superb.  I have and old Yale which had been giving me grief for quite a while and I thought that I would have to get a new lift truck.  Claudia came into Agressive

Testimonial – Canadian Shield Pavement Products Our company purchased a new 5000 lb lift truck from Liftway in 2013 to replace our worn out unit. I was very pleased with Liftway’s help in deciding which lift truck would best suit our needs.

Testimonial – Soccer World – Hamilton We at Soccer World count on Liftway to provide us with reliable and cost effective lifts so we can keep focused on what we do best. They are responsive and friendly, and the ideal partner. Duncan

TESTIMONIAL – Aldershot Equipment.  The racking we purchased from Liftway has been great. It has helped us to keep items sorted, better organized and off the ground. We were able to adjust the height of each rack so that we can put

Testimonial – Ger-Ryan Saddlery Since 2009 we have used Liftway for our material handling needs. We first purchased a Used Raymond Reach Lift Truck in May 2011 from Liftway and then on September 12, 2014 purchased a new 5000 lb Lift Truck

Testimonial – K.I.B. Buiding Restoration We purchased a Used Komatsu Forklift from Liftway Material Handling Solutions on September 2014. A special thank you to Lily Belmore, inside sales rep for Liftway for her expert advice on the Forklift and also for taking

Testimonial – Biedermann Packaging Liftway makes all our Material Handling problems turn into Material Handling Solutions. Liftway has never let us down. When we at Biedermann call Liftway with a problem, the knowledgeable staff make us feel confident in knowing that no

TESTIMOMIAL – AIRCRAFT SPRUCE & SPECIALTY CO.I want to thank Liftway for their exceptional service, reliability and dependability. Claudia Jaspert is very good at taking care of her customers business needs. I will continue to deal with Claudia and Liftway, with no

Marsh Metrology – Customer Testimonial I would like to express my appreciation for the 22′ x 25′ Mezzanine Liftway provided.  It looks great and very well constructed.  The professionalism and the cradle to grave approach of your staff from initial contact, quoting

TESTIMONIAL – Re-Plast   (Burlington) “I thank you (Greg) and your team so much for all of your great service to date. Richard, Sue, Janet, Bryce and yourself, that I have dealt with are great. Sue got Re-Plast set up and approved

Testimonial – Murpac Liftway has been our company of choice for our fork trucks because of ALL the great people that work there. The folks at Liftway do an amazing job all the way from sales, service, customer satisfaction. Thank you all

Testimonial – Hussmann Canada I have been a Liftway customer for a few years now. Not only am I happy with the service Liftway provides for my lift trucks, I am even happier to have such personable mechanics come into my warehouse. All

Testimonial – Van Pelt Construction Just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with the fine gentleman from Liftway Limited that was here to service the forklift this morning. Employees like this will keep a business like Liftway going

Testimonial – Adidas Canada We at Adidas Canada were opening two brand new stores for our Ottawa locations and needed pump trucks delivered prior to our start date.  I was impressed by how quickly I received a response from Liftway and how

The Marco Group “In my retirement I just wanted to express my appreciation for the service received from Liftway and I would like to thank those involved in keeping our forklifts running. I liked dealing with Liftway, with their ability to respond quickly

Testimonial – Royal Arch Inc To Frank Clarke, Thank you for the good experience when we made the Taylor purchase. I am reliving that day in my mind with pleasant thoughts. You represented your Company very professionally. Thanks again. Until next time.

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