Used Forklifts Inventory Listing – Pneumatic Tire 

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Liftway Limited certified and warranted used  pneumatic tire forklifts are supported by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.  Several financing methods are also available to assist you in acquiring the forklift you require.

If you are looking for something not on our current inventory list please call to let us know what you may be looking for or check back – our inventory list is constantly changing.   Many trucks are sold before they make it to our website inventory list.

For immediate assistance call us a 1-800-LIFTWAY (1-800-543-8929) to talk to a Liftway sales representative.


Cap.Truck InformationPowerMastFeaturesStk #
2,500Clark – GPS12LPG2 stage – 128″42″ Forks01-U6908
3,500Hyster – H35FTLPG3 stage – 188″42″ forks, strobe, 01-U6880
5,000Komatsu – FD25T-12Diesel2 stage – 128″42″ forks, Side Shift01-U6989
5,000Clark – C5000Y50LPG3 stage – 188″48″ forks,01-U7017
5,000Komatsu – FD25T-12Diesel2 stage – 128″42″ forks, Side Shift01-U6990
5,000Komatsu – FG25T-16LPG3 stage – 188″48″ Forks – Side Shift01-U6967
5,000Komatsu – FG25T-16LPG3 stage – 188″42″ Forks – Side Shift01-U6969
5,000Komatsu – FG25T-16LPG3 stage – 188″48″ Forks – Side Shift01-U6982
5,000Unicarriers – AF50LPLPG3 stage – 187″42″ Forks, Side Shift, more01-U6928
5,000Unicarriers – AF50LPLPG3 stage – 187″42″ Forks, Side Shift, more01-U6929
5,000Yale – GLP050ZGNGAE086LPG3 stage – 194″42″ Forks, Side Shift 01-U6991
6,000Hyundai – 30L-7LPG3 stage – 185″48″ Class III Forks01-U6966
7,000Komatsu – FG35AHT-16LPG3 stage – 186″48″ Forks – Side Shiftcamera01-U6737
7,000Komatsu – FG35AHT-16LPG3 stage – 186′48″ Forks – Side Shiftcamera01-U6738
7,000Komatsu – FG35AHT-16LPG3 stage – 186″48″ Forks – Side Shiftcamera01-U6945
8,000Komatsu – FG40ZT-7LPG2 stage – 130″60″ Class III Forks – Side Shiftcamera01-U6308
11,000Komatsu – FG50ATU-10LPG3 stage – 185″48″ forks – Side shiftcamera01-U6976
16,500Hyster – H165ELPG2 stage – 197″48″ Forks – Dual Pneumatic Tirescamera01-U6977
22,000Taylor – TYB220MDiesel2 stage – 177″96″ Forks – Pneumatic Tires 01-U6997

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We provide new and used material handling equipment, service, forklift operator training and lift truck parts for the following areas. Also provided are on-call, on-site, pickup and delivery. We also provide forklift maintenance plans, rentals and dock loading equipment. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in the selection of the proper safety equipment for your plant as well.

Don’t forget that we can provide rentals, upon request and while your equipment is being serviced.