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Products : BLUE GIANT – EPJ-40
Power Pallet Truck

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BLUE GIANT  –  EPJ-40  Powered Pallet Truck

The Blue Giant EPJ-40 Powered Pallet Truck was designed specifically as an economical option to address the unique demands of lift gate and local delivery applications. More compact than a regular powered pallet truck, the EPJ-40 supports easier maneuverability when working in loaded trailers. 

Blue Giant EPJ-40_2EPJ-40 – PERFORMANCE

  • 4,000 lb capacity
  • Vertically-mounted AC drive motor delivers steady acceleration and travel speeds
  • 24V ZAPI ACO Travel Controller supports simple and precise truck positioning
  • Electric travel, lift and lower controls (located on the handle) are designed to allow unit operation with either hand
  • The electromagnetic braking system delivers reliable frictionless braking even during extended and heavy use
  • Tapered and compact forks support greater maneuverability
  • Travel speed: 2.8mph (unloaded) and 2.5mph (under load)


  • Blue Giant HandleMulti-function control handle incorporates butterfly-style thumb controls, reversing switch, and horn button for ease of use
  • Hand grips fit the operator’s hand comfortably, reducing fatigue


  • Fork size: 27″ x 45″ (635mm x 1143mm) standard
  • Two 12V AGM 85 AH maintenance-free batteries with 10AMP 110VAC plug-in charger
  • Hydraulic pump with overload relief valve
  • High-strength service cover protects internal components from impact damage
  • Emergency brake with power cut-off heightens safety levels.


  • Warehouses
  • Storage facilities
  • Retail outlets
  • Beverage distribution
  • Frozen food storage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical handling and processing facilities


  • 22″ (559mm) and 36″ (914mm) forks
  • 48″ (219mm) and 60″ (1524mm) back rest for chassis
  • Stability casters 
  • Tool tray with load restraint

Product Brochure     –      Operator’s Manual       –       Owner’s Manual

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