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Products : Snow Plow Attachment
Model T28-50-60F – $ 2995

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Totall T28 series Snow Plow Forklift Attachment

Snow Plow Attachment

Easy to install!  Slide the forks into the pockets, connect the safety chain and you’re ready to go.

The Heavy Duty TOTALL T28 series Snow plow attachment is designed for temporary use when mounted to any pneumatic tired forklift.

The angled blade is capable of cutting a swath  to the right, left or centre.  The spring loaded trip blade provides  protection for both the driver and forklift if a snow covered object created resistance.

This snow plow attachment is manufactured of solid steel –  is quick to install and the built in safety features make short work of clearing snow covered areas.

For better results tire chains may be an option.

Snow Plow Attachment Standard Features:

  • Spring loaded blade that will trip forward when encountering unexpected resistance.
  • Manual angling of the blade to clear a swath to the right, left or centred.
  • Shear pins provided to protect the snow plow and driver when overloaded.
  • Mounts to any standard forklift
  • Easy installation and removal.

Snow Plow Attachment Options:

  • Hydraulically operated slewing from the driver’s seat.
  • Custom oversize blades
  • Carriage or fork mounted.

T28 series Snow Plow Specification Sheet



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